Pitched Projects

The concepts pitched in class were all very interesting and creative. Most of them sounded fairly viable as well, but if I had to pick favorites, I’d say there were three that stood out to me as particularly intriguing.

Cocoa-Nuts sounded like a great potential business. First off, the name is fantastic– it’s witty, easy to remember and fun to say. There is also good potential for profit, especially with merchandising and thank you gifts for donations. In addition, the market is everywhere; who doesn’t love chocolate? I like that this website would cater specifically to chocolate lovers, as there doesn’t seem to be much competition in that field. Also, since it would focus a lot on sharing recipes, there’s a great opportunity to build a tight community that would be willing to contribute.

Pavement Hiker stood out in my mind as well. I especially liked the tagline: “your city, your trails, your adventure.” I could definitely see a large market for this business, given that most of the hiking websites don’t cater to the densest of populations– the city-dwellers. Personally, I love walking around cities, and especially where I come from, I’m always looking to find adventure on the streets where I grew up. Unfortunately, it is difficult to map out a fun journey when so much of your surroundings consist of concrete and stone. This service definitely has potential to build a close community of contributors, but in order for it to be successful as a start-up, I’d say it would be best to narrow the scope to only a couple cities. That way, it will be much easier to gather information, plus the community would become closer given the proximity and ability to meet in person. After a few years, I’m sure it could expand.

StreetSports.com is the last website that stood out to me. I’ve heard a lot of pitches (in this class and in previous semesters) regarding sports journalism, and after a while, a lot of it starts to sound the same. However, one thing I never hear about is tapping into the unrecognized talent that is exhibited right in town. With any hobby, whether it’s sports, music, acting or whatever, it seems that no matter how talented the well-known groups are, there is always someone more talented (and oftentimes more deserving of the spotlight) who simply isn’t getting recognized. Just by walking about town, I’m sure one could easily find a lot of great sportsmen and women who would be more than willing to contribute to the site and get their names out there. As I said with Pavement Hiker, I think the best way to make this successful would be to narrow the scope to one town or county. Once the company starts profiting, it could easily expand to other states or even countries. It seems there would be a sizable audience as well; sports fans should want to check out average people doing extraordinary things. Who knows, they could be the next great _________. Even I would be interested to see what my fellow Ithacans are playing in the streets, and I don’t even like sports.

Of course, these are not the only viable concepts that were pitched in class, and with a little more development, I’m sure all of the ideas could end up becoming successful businesses. However, these three stood out as most original, most feasible and most interesting.


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