Pro YouTubers

As social media continues to grow, there seem to be more and more ways to profit from it. Youtube has proven to be one of the channels through which amateurs can grow their business, gain a following and yes– make quite a large profit.  According to Celebrity Networth, these self-made “celebrities” can make millions of dollars just by posting videos on youtube. For example, at 5.4 billion views, you tuber pewdiepie earns the most from the website, making around $7 million. How is it that regular people can make a living off silly videos?

Youtuber Michael Buckley, also known as What the Buck online, was able to quit his day job as an administrative assistant at a music promotion company to film his videos full-time. He got hundreds of millions of views on youtube, much more than he would get for his part-time segments on a public access channel in Connecticut. A New York Times article says “[Buckley’s] comical rants about celebrities attracted online viewers, and before long Mr. Buckley was tailoring his segments, called ‘What the Buck?’ for the Web. Mr. Buckley knew that the show was ‘only going to go so far on public access.'”

Part of the reason Youtube is more popular that public access is probably the convenience. With the invention of smartphones, people can carry the internet around with them wherever they go. It’s also something that caters directly to the viewers’ needs; anything the audience is interested in is only a click away. The internet is a much cheaper way to produce content as well, with many  Youtubers using only a cheap camera (or in some cases, the one built right into their laptops) to record their musings. For Buckley, a $2,000 canon camera was all he needed to pull in a substantial profit. Anyone can become a successful Youtuber, regardless of money or connections. All you need is the right content to build your brand and expand your audience.


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